Thinking About Adding Trees to Your Landscape? NOW is the Time!


Fall special for all tree installations before December 15.

Most people assume spring is the only time to work on your landscape, but fall is actually much better, especially in our Texas heat.
Trees need time to set down roots in the fall and winter, so they can thrive in the spring, and actually require far less water to establish in fall and winter as opposed to planting in spring and summer.

So, the truth is, fall is THE time to plant trees!



What type of trees are best for my landscape?

We work with many different species of trees at Terra Dura, but by far our favorites and most recommended are large shade trees which require little water. Not only are they beneficial to the ecosystem and aesthetically beautiful, by installing trees like these to the southwest of your home or office, you can save quite a bit on your utility bills.


Tree spotlight: Mexican Sycamore

The Mexican Sycamore is a great choice for the Austin area. With smooth, white-to-beige peeling bark and large maple-like leaves, It looks very similar to the American Sycamore you may be familiar with, only a bit smaller and with slight differences to the leaf structure.

 While they can grow up to 80 feet in the wild, most of the Mexican Sycamores around here will get up to about 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide. They’re deciduous, meaning their leaves will fall off come winter and grow back in the spring.




Although Mexican Sycamore is not technically native to our area, some experts believe that all sycamore trees descended from an ancestral species which is most similar to the Mexican variety. As it exists today, Mexican Sycamore originates from Guatemala up through Mexico.


Benefits of planting Mexican Sycamore include:

  • They’re drought resistant, which means less worry and maintenance for you in the hot summers when water is scarce, plus a lower water bill.
  • It won’t be long until they fill in your landscape; these guys are really fast growers.
  • Unlike American Sycamores, Mexican Sycamores are immune to bacterial leaf scorch, a very common and damaging disease.
  • They are well adapted to most soil types, which means chances are you’ll have to do little to no soil adaptations to get them thriving.
  • Mexican Sycamores are also pretty hardy against many of the primary predators other trees suffer from, including most insects and diseases.
  • Although they originate from a more tropical climate, Mexican Sycamores have shown to do well in even the colder Austin winters, requiring little extra care.


Ready to plant? Save $$$ with our Fall Tree Special!

We want to help you take advantage of the perfect season for trees!
Terra Dura is offering a tree planting special until December 15.


Pick any of these three recommended low-water shade trees for one flat fee of $500 + sales tax for your 30-gallon* (approximately 8- to 20-foot tall) tree plus its installation.

1. Mexican Sycamore

2. Live Oak

3. Mexican White Oak

*other tree options and sizes are available.


Not sure which type of tree is best for you? No problem! Give us a call at 512-560-0148 today and we’ll help you make the best decision.  And if you know you’re ready to go, contact us now to set up your installation time. Your tree will have lots of time to set its roots and get cozy!