Our company is capable of a diverse list of services to help our client complete their work – without the hassle of multiple contractors.


Let Terra Dura Landscapes design your next project. We offer high quality native plantings and natural materials that fit into your yard or garden. We design to suit both the natural ecosystem and your unique space. We provide flexible pricing structures to accommodate every size and budget. We want to help you create a gathering place for your family, friends and community.



Terra Dura Landscapes offers a complete turn-key service to our clients on all outdoor projects. Our crews are capable of a diverse range of installation services that can simplify your project by not dealing with multiple different contractors. From steel work, to masonry, to planting native flowers. Contact us to see how easy your next project can go.



From Hill Country classics to Black Prairie selects, Terra Dura leverages a deep understanding and knowledge of native plants and their care. We take great pride in professionally transplanting plants to flow seamlessly into your unique landscape and the local ecosystem.


If you're looking for the modern touch and lasting solution to your landscape design, a customized steel edging may be the perfect fit. Steel edging provides a border to separate your mulch, rock beds, grass or other landscape features, and Terra Dura can install it with confidence. Add a clean, crisp statement to your overall landscape design with steel edging.


Need a customized walkway or path? Let Terra Dura set your trail in stone, crushed gravel, or a mortared walk. We provide excellent walkway solutions for any landscape, incorporating natural elements and building on your property's solid ground.


Xeriscaping makes the most of your property's natural environment, utilizing rocks, native plants and mulch beds, emphasizing a truly water wise landscape. It's an eco-friendly alternative that highlights your property's natural features, while blending with the native regional landscape. Ask us about rebates from the city of Austin for your xeriscape installation.


Enhance your your outdoor experience for you and your family, adding a place to play, relax or enjoy nature with a custom Terra Dura stone patio or deck. We have a number of options to fit your personal style and budget. Do it today, in time to enjoy your best spring ever.

Landscape Lighting

Professional landscape lighting offers extended outdoor time, security, safety, and aesthetic ambiance. Low voltage landscape lights can take as little as 4.5 watts per bulb, which can help you save money too.


It couldn't be easier to become a gardener today. With a wealth of information, community groups and resources, vegetable gardens are a great way to get fresh air, exercise, save money and grow your own food. Let Terra Dura help you plan and get started on your own vegetable garden in time for the spring planting!


If you're interested in maximizing space in your yard, prefer a more flexible alternative to a full vegetable garden, or would like the physical benefit of an elevated garden, planter boxes may be for you. These raised boxes – made of wood, steel or stone – put the power of gardening in your hands and are a more accessible alternative for many of our satisfied customers.


Strengthen your yard's form, add privacy and sense of security, while providing you – and your neighbors – a beautiful fence. Choose from many of our fencing options, or customize your own, to give your property a sharp, defined look that you will admire for years to come.

Custom metal work

We can fabricate a variety of outdoor structures, fencing, and fire pits. Using mixed mediums we can get the look to bring your landscape design together.


Terra Dura offers customized maintenance packages for native and Xeriscape gardens. Quality is our main goal, so we take time to address the specific needs of your unique landscape.

The folks who mow yards are not always the folks to take care of your garden beds. We focus on plant care and keeping your Xeriscape worry free. 

We offer the following specialized packages: 

Plant and Bed Care

This basic maintenance package will leave your native plant beds looking well maintained, while allowing you to still get out and enjoy some weekend gardening without being overwhelmed. One time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We can handle it all. $30-$60 per visit


The Enhanced Plant Care package is designed to allow you to not worry about your native landscaped beds. This program covers everything you need to keep your yard healthy, clean, and beautiful. $50-$100 per visit


The Premium Maintenance package is the ultimate ecological landscape package to care for your beds and lawn. This package includes all other services, but in addition, it includes mowing, edging, weedeatting, native plant replacement, mulching, rock replacement.

Commercial Services

All of Terra Dura Landscape's design, installation, and maintenance services can be offered to our commercial clients. Our business is best suited to handle small to medium sized properties at this time. 

We have a special interest in helping to develop an ecological plan and maintaining wetland storm water ponds. We would love to meet to discuss the opportunity to help service your business needs.