Get Money Back on Your Native Plant Landscaping!


Don’t miss your chance! Deadline September 30, 2015


Did you know that you could earn up to $1,750 in City rebates for replacing your turf grass with native plants?

The City of Austin WaterWise Landscape program encourages residents to cut down on water usage (and your water bill!) by switching to drought-resistant, hardy native plant beds that support our local ecosystems and require little to no irrigation or upkeep.

If you replace at least 500 square feet of your healthy grass lawn with native plantscapes, you may qualify to receive $35 per 100 square feet, up to $1750 total.

There are lots of benefits to replacing your turf grass with Central Texas natives:

  • Drastically cut down your residential water usage and water bill

  • Eliminate the need for sprinkler systems and frequent watering

  • Enjoy a colorful, thriving landscape instead of battling brown, dried up grass

  • Attract and support pollinator and butterfly populations

  • Protect our local plant life from harmful or invasive non-native grasses

  • Preserve the unique biodiversity of Central Texas for future generations

  • Help restore vitality, reverse damage, and give back to your land

Ready to get started? Click here for more information on how to apply for the City of Austin WaterWise Landscape program.

There are lots of special requirements you must fulfill in order to qualify for this helpful program, but please don’t let these overwhelm you.

This is our passion and specialty at Terra Dura landscapes, and we’ve taken the time to master everything you need to get the most City bucks and a landscape you love.

Plant material must be installed between September 15 and November 15. Contact us now to set up a proposal for your fall application before the September 30 deadline!