Robotic Lawn Care and Native Plant Gardening

Terra Dura offers customized maintenance packages for native and Xeriscape gardens, while still offering lawn care with the help of robotic mowers. Green Landscape services include battery powered equipment, robotic mowers, and the best ecolgical practices to maintain a great yard. Have a yard that is always mowed as we focus on plant care. Check out the advantages of robotic lawn care:

  1. You do not have to mow your yard ever again. Lawn is kept at a constant level. 
  2. Extremely efficient battery powered mower with estimated electric cost of $10-$50 per mowing season.
  3. Very green. Small engines are major contributors to air pollution and carbon emissions. This robotic lawn mower has ZERO emissions. 
  4. Very quiet. So quiet it can run at night and not disturb you or your neighbor.
  5. Grass is cut into much finer particles, which help mulch and fertilize your yard without synthetic fertilizers.
  6. Technology is 20 years old. While Europe has mostly accepted automated mowers, us Americans are clinging onto small engines.
  7. Less frequent visits from landscapers needed. Mower does not call in sick or show up late. 

Robot Mower Only

This basic maintenance package will leave your grass constantly maintained. Our crews do the additional weed-eatting and trimming needed. Clippings will be blown off. Mower will be left onsite. $85-$150 Monthly

Enhanced Landscape Care 

The Enhanced Landscape Care package is designed to allow you to not worry about your native landscaped beds or grass again. This program covers everything you need to keep your yard healthy, clean, and beautiful. $150-$350 Monthly

Premium Care 

The Premium Maintenance package is the ultimate ecological landscape package to care for your beds and lawn. This package includes all other services, but in addition, it includes mowing, edging, weedeatting, native plant replacement, mulching, rock replacement.