Lighten Up: Make Your Backyard Inviting


Summer heat been giving you the blues? We love Texas for all the outdoor fun we have, but sometimes it's just too hot to be outside.

 Now that the evenings are getting cooler, it is easy to start thinking about relaxing in your backyard a little more. Have you ever considered the way professional landscape lights can enhance your outdoor space?




There are many surprising reasons to install professional landscape lighting:

 1. Aesthetics

Great lighting just looks good. Lighting adds a dimension of beauty to your outdoor space by creating glows, casting shadows, and adding a softness to your environment that standard porch lights can’t provide.

 2. Security

It’s an old trick everyone knows—lighting up your space makes it much harder to hide, and greatly reduces the chances you’ll attract questionable characters or critters. Even keeping your space partially lit at night can make a big difference.

3. Safety

Nobody wants to stumble around or hurt themselves trying to navigate a dark porch or yard. Illuminate dark corners with low lighting to easily see where you’re going at night, and to keep your space safe for kids and family.

 4. Extended Outdoor Time

Most of the time, we find ourselves retreating to the well-lit indoors once the sun goes down. But with a few simple lighting additions, you’ll be able to enjoy evenings outside well into the starlit night, creating a new space to entertain your guests and friends.

 5. Quality

Not all lighting is created equal. You could go to a home improvement store and try to DIY your outdoor lighting, but the quality level and lifetime you’ll receive by going professional is well worth the investment.

Here at Terra Dura, we use Vistapro Landscape LED lights, which last up to 50,000 hours—roughly 50x longer compared to your regular incandescent lights, which last only 1,000 to 2,000. They’ll also use at least 75% less energy.


Here are just a few of the ways professional lighting can enhance your space:



 Pathways: No need to line the edge of your pathway with lights. Try mixing directional path lights with ambient lighting within your landscaped beds for a more natural look.

 Patio: Use diffused down-lighting from above to get a moonlit effect onto your patio.

 Trees: Trees are naturally incredibly beautiful forms to use for up-lighting or cross-lighting.

 Water Features: Underwater lights are both elegant & eye-catching.

 Architectural Elements: Pillars, terraces, and even your home itself can all be lit for dramatic effect.

 Driveway: Consider lighting up the landscaping around your driveway to bring more ambiance for those coming to your home, or for a soothing welcome on your way home from work.


Ready to lighten up? Give us a call at (512) 560-0148 and let Terra Dura Landscapes brighten up your yard to create a relaxing, beautiful, and secure environment for you to enjoy.