Dollars from the City of Austin for Your Compost & Mulch


Hurry! Rebate ends June 12, 2015

Austin Water has launched a pilot rebate program designed to keep your yard healthy while still saving water. By using a combination of mulch, compost, and aeration, your lawn will be prepared for the long, hot days of summer. These techniques will ensure that water stays on your yard, reducing the need for supplemental irrigation.


  • Compost – 2 cubic yards or 54 cubic feet--rebate $50
  • Mulch – 2 cubic yards or 54 cubic feet--rebate $40
  • Core Aeration Service for entire front and/or back lawn area (equipment rental is acceptable) --rebate $30


DilloDirt™ made by the City of Austin is an acceptable form of compost. Visit for a list of vendors.


For Progam Guidelines & The Application visit:
Drought Survival Tools Rebate- Guidelines and Application

Compost & Mulching helps soil absorb and retain nutrients and moisture, protects plants from diseases and pests and suppresses weeds. Better Moisture retention means less watering, allowing you to conserve water. Less weeding means that you are winning the great Battle of the WeedsTerra Dura will help fight the battle with you by offering our transforming powers to your yard. We look forward to hearing from you to set up a plan to keep your home native.  

Terra Dura Landscapes can help you accomplish your water saving goals for this special program through the City of Austin. Please contact us to set up a proposal for this program or any other of your landscaping needs.