Value based landscaping – we are just as much committed to this place as our clients. Preserving our home, Austin, Texas.

Terra Dura Landscapes is a company founded on the principles of restoring our place, Austin, Texas, just as much as creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape for our clients. We work with nature to foster beautiful, inviting, and useful surroundings. 

Beginning in the 1950's, there was a move within the American chemical and nursery industries to promote gardens that are extravagant and labor-intensive.  What is more, these types of gardens are reliant on large supplies of water, herbicides, pesticides, and petroleum-based fertilizers. At Terra Dura Landscapes, we seek more sustainable ways of utilizing our outdoor space. We are rediscovering the ways of nature to help create ecologically-sound solutions to our landscaping needs.


Simply put, invasive plants are over-running our waterways, nature areas, and lawns. Initially introduced by humans, their seeds are spread by wind, animals, and water very quickly.  These invasive plants, listed here by the city of Austin, contribute to the destruction of native plants, wildlife habitat, and the overuse of water. 

Water conservation is an urgent ecological issue that we must acknowledge as a community very soon. During the summer, approximately 50% of all our water supply in Austin is used on our lawns.  As the population of central Texas continues to grow, it is clear that we cannot continue using millions of gallons of water on grass. 

Combining the use of Native Texas plant species with principles of xeriscaping, Terra Dura creates lush abundant landscapes which serve to address the ecological problems that face central Texas today. 

Community-Oriented Design

Community-oriented design is an approach to design which addresses the usability and welcoming nature of your landscape. The best way to make a street, neighborhood, or city a better place to live is by knowing your neighbor. With this in mind, we create usable and interactive outdoor spaces that welcome human interaction while still maintaining a sense of privacy. Front yard sitting areas, fire pits, low sitting walls, front yard gardens, porches, and inviting walkways are simple ways to make a home more conducive to meaningful relationships. Terra Dura Landscapes can assist you in designing the perfect space for your landscape and lifestyle. 


Ultimately, we are concerned with making the central Texas area a better place to live through installing ecologically friendly landscapes that are visually appealing and inviting. Collaborating with our clients, we design and build landscapes that have a positive impact on family, friends, neighbors, and the surrounding native habitat. 

Terra Dura Landscapes - Andrew


Andrew Walsh is a native Texas plant enthusiast. He has worked largely in the wild doing land restoration, erosion control, plant identification, and invasive plant management. Andrew places emphasis on design which enables people to interact with nature just outside their front door. Andrew also an avid vegetable gardener, chicken wrangler, and a deeply rooted Austin native.